As a former prosecutor that tried misdemeanor and felony cases before judge and jury, the skills and knowledge I learned while working for the government now help me to defend the accused. As a result I am able to hold the government to it's burden and force them to prove each element of every offense beyond a reasonable doubt. Developing the ability to identify and exploit weaknesses in the State's case has proven an invaluable asset in helping obtain the results my clients deserve. The development of those skills were gained in large part because of my experience as a prosecutor. It's easy to fall prey to the creeping sense of unfairness that one may feel as a result of pitting the limitless and unending resources of the government against the indigent accused who mostly has only one advocate fighting on his or her behalf, but I still get no greater sense of accomplishment and professional satisfaction then when I am able to obtain the right outcome for my client in the face of overwhelming government aggression against a citizen accused. If you have any questions, please call (832) 899-5284 to schedule a short phone consultation.

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