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Welcome to the Law Office of Hadee Khan PLLC.  Started in 2016, the firm handles matters related to immigration law and defending the criminally accused.  When the government comes after you or someone you love, make sure to choose the right counsel.  Hadee Khan has the experience necessary to take on the government and hold them to their burden.  As a former prosecutor, Mr. Khan has handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases and gained knowledge on the inner workings of the government when it points the finger of accusation at a fellow member of the community.  Mr. Khan has seen first-hand the mistakes that the government tries to cover up and the corners that are cut in its ceaseless pursuit of labelling as criminals those it elects to prosecute.  Put that power and experience in your corner by hiring the firm.  Mr. Khan has the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to properly represent your interests and defend your rights.  The government may have pointed the finger, but Mr. Khan will leave no stone unturned in holding them accountable for accusing you or someone you love.  Make the government prove it!

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